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The variable speed vortex fan of KickR Headwind is able to reach the wind speeds experienced while speeding on the road and offers the high-speed cooling necessary to remain comfortable during the toughest indoor workouts.

KickR Headwind pairs directly with the smart rollers and compatible training programs, heart rate monitors and speed sensors to measure the intensity of the workout and automatically adjust the fan speed according to your efforts.

The Targeted Airflow Pattern by KickR Headwind is designed to convey the fan's air flow to your body, where you need it most, and offers an exceptional outdoor feeling ... indoors.

KickR Headwind is the first intelligent fan, designed with the cyclist in mind. Its Targeted Airflow Pattern reflects the shape and position of a cyclist's body while pedaling.

KickR Headwind is controlled by sensors so that an increase in speed or heart rate corresponds to an increase in fan speed.

There are also 4 manual speed settings if you want to set your ideal air flow. With speeds of over 48 km / h (30 mph), KickR Headwind will keep you cool during the most demanding workouts.

Price VAT included, shipping cost not included variable based on the place and urgency requested; contact us at to check delivery times

KickR Headwind

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